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(no subject) [Feb. 29th, 2008|01:04 pm]
oh what a week it has been.

friday and saturday was my floor retreat. we went to the santa ana zoo and had dinner at rubys in laguna and then stayed the night at a church in dana point. on saturday we woke up early and participated in serve day, where we worked on various community service projects

sunday night was biola's 100th birthday bash and it was so fun. switchfoot was here and they were amazing, the myriad and tyrone wells opened...again amazing!

i had a cold but by tuesday night it was getting pretty bad then that night...or actually wednesday morning around 6:30 intense stomach pains woke me up so i hobbled to the bathroom hoping to throw up but no luck there. i called my mom and at this point and eventually ended up laying down in the hall of my dorm sweating and looking like im going to die. so i called the advice nurse and got a southern california kaiser number and an appointment to go to the doctor. by the time i got to the doctor i felt fine but they gave me huge extra strength ibuprofen to take if it happens again. so im feeling fine and go to physics...take my quiz and then the pain starts again so i take some meds and stay in bed.

the pain comes and goes

thursday morning around 3 i am awoken by extremely intense lower back pain. so i eat some crackers and take another pill...only to be awoken at 6:30 again by the pain. i end up getting up and getting ready for class anyways. i walk to my class and realize it is just too bad and i need to go back to bed. unfortunately i can only take my pills every 8 hours...i call my mom again who tells me to call the advice nurse again. i call, describe my symptoms and then am transferred to a registered nurse who then tells me to go to the ER because it could be kidney stones. so i go to the ER and pee in a cup. they dont know whats wrong. again the pain stops by the time i get to the dr.

if the pain starts again i have to go back to the ER for cat scans and blood tests. fortunately i am not in pain and havent taken pain since about 10:45 yesterday! yay!

oh and my grandpa is in the hospital because his legs keep collapsing...the drs dont know whats going on so keep him in your prayers!
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(no subject) [Dec. 2nd, 2007|10:24 pm]
my friend seth's photography site

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(no subject) [Oct. 25th, 2007|09:15 am]
so rachel has been here since tuesday and its been so great! she came here to escape sd and the fires...they werent evacuated but classes were cancelled for the week and the air quality was really bad so they couldnt really leave their building and they didnt have ac so she came here! its smokey here and there is ash everywhere...were not in danger but its just craaaazy

so i woke up this morning at 7:40 for my 8am class...that i slept through on tues. when i get there i find that were having a test. he had reviewed everything...gave them the answers last class...yes...the one that i slept through. oh well...i think i did ok on it...

love you all!

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(no subject) [Aug. 12th, 2007|03:15 pm]
what do you do on your last days in a place that has become your home?

what do you do on your last days at home?

i feel so strange.
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(no subject) [Jul. 2nd, 2007|02:03 pm]
well ive been here almost a month and not written anything.
things are going well, i had a really hard time the first week because it was just a lot of work and no free time and just spending too much time with only child care people. ive made some really cool friends here and one goes to biola so i will have a friend there.

i love you all!
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(no subject) [Jun. 6th, 2007|09:21 pm]
packing up my life.
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(no subject) [Apr. 2nd, 2007|03:46 pm]
[Current Mood |ecstaticecstatic]

i got into biola

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(no subject) [Mar. 5th, 2007|05:43 pm]
[Current Mood |sadsad]

still missing you uncle john. still crying for you uncle john. i cant believe its been a year, i will never forget you but im afraid that im going to forget the way you laughed and smiled and the sound of your voice. i wish you were still here with us, but i know that God needed a laugh so he brought you home. you changed peoples lives and im so thankful to have known you while i could.
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new journal [Jun. 15th, 2006|11:29 pm]
i wanted a fresh start. this is my new journal. it will continue to be friends only. thankss
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